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1500 Epoxy 100% Solids, Aquaria & Oxy Shield

1500 Epoxy 100% Solids, Aquaria & Oxy Shield


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Kemiko (Sta-Crete) SS1500, formerly known as 18R Flex is a 100% solids, 0-VOC epoxy coating that has been specially formulated to coat marine show aquaria. Kemiko (Sta-Crete) SS1500 offers excellent adhesion, is abrasion resistant and available in highly decorative colors. The coating cures to a resilient porcelain-like high gloss film and is self priming on most surfaces. Kemiko (Sta-Crete) SS1500 is veterinarian approved for use with seals, whales and walruses and has been an industry standard for over thirty years.


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