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Garage Floor DIY Products

East Coast Kemiko supplies everything you need to transform your concrete garage flooring. Shop for a wide variety of coatings, concrete stains, solvents and application tools to get the job done right. Have questions along the way? Our sales staff has first-hand knowledge and experience with the majority of the products we sell. Don't hesitate to call or email us for help!

Garage Floor Coatings

Whether you need high-solids, low-solids or 100% solids epoxy, we have it. Specialized coatings such as moisture vapor barrier systems, polyaspartics, aliphatic polyurethane, chemical-resistant epoxy and similar products are also available. No matter what your application is, we can help you find the right coating.

Garage Acid Stains

Want to turn your garage flooring into a work of art? We've got everything you need to degrease, stain, seal and protect your garage flooring. Our step-by step acid staining system is easy to implement and will produce beautiful color that won't fade, chip or peel away.

Application Tools

The right tools not only make the job easier and faster, but also ensure smooth and even application of the acid stain, epoxy or another garage floor coating. Our selection of tools includes trowels and rakes of many sizes, squeegees and squeegee blades, protective covers, and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got the acid stain, what else do I need?

Before you stain, you need to make sure that the concrete is as clean as possible. We recommend using the Neutra Clean degreaser to remove any existing sealants and oil stains. After you stain, you will need to seal the concrete to protect it from moisture, UV damage and chemical damage. At East Coast Kemiko, we sell the complete line of products you need to successfully acid-stain your garage floors.

I will need some solvents, can I order online?

Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions, we sell solvents in-store only. If you live near Laurel, MD, feel free to stop by our warehouse to pick up solvents and any other products you need.

I may need the help of a professional installer, can you recommend one?

Whether you don't have time, skills or the desire to do a DIY garage floor coating installation, we'll be happy to help. Dragon Scale Flooring is our preferred flooring installer on the East Coast. Go here to view their service area and contact information.

Where can I find safety data sheets?

We have safety data sheets for most of our products available on our website under resources.

I'm not 100% sure if i'm doing it right, who should I talk to?

If it's your first time installing epoxy flooring or applying acid stain, we recommend attending one of our training sessions. YouTube videos are great, but it's much easier when you have someone who can answer your questions right then and there. If you need help choosing products, you can always call or email us directly and we'll be happy to assist. And if you've come to a conclusion that DIY is not for you, we can always refer you to a reliable installer.