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Application Instructions

Below you can find general application instructions for epoxy, polyurethane and other coatings. If you are not confident that you can complete the application to your own satisfaction or in the set timeframe, simply reach out to us and we will connect you with a reliable concrete coatings contractor near you.

Step 1: Prepare the Floor and Surrounding Areas

The first step in applying a floor stain is to clean your surface of contaminants like dirt, grease, or wax. Kemiko neutra-clean is an ideal, all-purpose cleaner for this situation. Once mixed with water, neutra-clean can be used to clean a floor with a slow-speed floor machine and stiff bristle brushes. After washing the surface, use a wet vacuum and/or mop to completely remove any excess liquid; do not let neutra-clean dry on the surface. Be sure to protect any walls and doors by covering them with plastic and tape.

Step 2: Apply Decorative Stain

Once the floor is cleaned and dried, you're ready to apply your first coat of Kemiko concrete acid stain. Kemiko stone tone stain should be mixed with equal parts water and applied with a plastic hose-end garden pump sprayer. To apply, hold the nozzle of the wand about 18 inches above the floor and spray randomly. The concrete floor should look fairly wet; don't spray so much that the water puddles, but just before this amount.

Fizzing is natural after applying, so do not be alarmed. Let the floor dry completely before applying a second coat. Drying times can vary depending on humidity, temperature, how porous the floor is, and how much stain was applied. It can take several hours. For the second application, just repeat Step 2 and you will begin to see darker tones appear.

Step 3: Remove any Residue

Once the stain has dried completely, scrub the floor clean of any leftover residue with a stiff-bristle brush. Again, we suggest using Kemiko's Neutra-Clean all-purpose cleaner as it is a mild cleaner which will remove the residue without affecting the stain. Be sure to remove the cleaner with a wet vacuum as it should not air-dry on the floor. Once you feel your floor is properly cleaned, wipe it with a clean white towel; if the towel shows any color residue left over then clean the floor again.

Step 4: Apply a Protective Coating

Now it is time to apply a protective seal coating to the floor. The type of floor sealant you use will depend on the level of performance you need. Most interior floors will have a buff-on wax or an acrylic sealer. This is because they are easy to apply and maintain. We suggest using Kemiko's Stone Tone Sealer II, again applied with a plastic hose-end garden sprayer. Expect to apply at least two coats or sealer, and in some instances a third coat may be necessary. Give an hour in between each coat of sealant, and then 24 hours before walking on the surface.

For more instructions on how to apply Kemiko products, get in touch with Easy Coast Kemiko today at 301-640-5525 or fill out the contact form on our website.